Friday, November 5, 2010

Raymond Lam Teary Eyes After Getting Note of Encouragement From Mrs. Fong

Since producer Lawrence Wong said Raymond Lam led the box office to do poorly and basically said that he can't support the market, Raymond has not responded because he's been working in Mainland. Last night, Raymond was one of the guest performers at the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 held in Tianjin. Accompanied by TVB executive Virgina Lok, Raymond meets the media and responded to the news for the first time.

Raymond said that he has not seen the reports, but it was only this year that he stepped into the film scene, so he is willing to accept all comments and promises to continue his hard work. He said: "I was never upset. I found out about the news because someone told me, but comments and evaluations from my seniors will help me think where I need to improve." Later, Miss Lok handed Raymond a book, where there was a note personally written by 6th Aunt (Mona Fong) attached inside. The note read: "Have no fear of gossips, favorable criticisms are acclaimed, continue to achieve better results." Seeing his boss's support for him, Raymond had teary eyes on the spot.

Speaking of this year's popular discussions on Moses Chan and Wayne Lai battling for TV King, Raymond frankly said that every year he looks at it like something normal. Though he has been in the industry for more than 10 years, but there are many TVB seniors around, as a junior he only needs to focus on his own part. He said: "Mrs. Fong sent me a note of encouragement, I really felt surprised, didn't know how to react, I couldn't believe that she notices my work. Before many seniors said they bleed TVB's blood, now I finally understand, having such a good boss watching over me and being so understanding, my competitive heart really came back! Ask me if I have confidence to win the award? I say yes I do!"

Miss Lok expressed that she intends to urge her artists and colleagues to quit drinking. As for Lawrence Wong exposing the inside story within the company while drunk, she said: "It's only called the inside story if it's true. (The truth comes out after drinking!) It's not true. (Was Mrs. Fong upset?) I report everything that happens in the company to her weekly, she understands what's going on. The incident that happened that day I only knew after reading the paper. I had to calm down and look at it a second time, not emotional, not angered, just felt that it's a huge problem."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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