Thursday, November 4, 2010

Selina Moans Out in Pain During Sleep

It is Selina Ren's 13th day in Taiwan since she is injured from the explosive accident late last month. Her parents continue to update Selina's current condition on Weibo. Her father discloses his daughter does not sleep well and seems to have nightmares often. "She will fall asleep after changing medicine. Sometimes she would moan out in pain and tremble. It looks like she is having a nightmare."

Although she is in great pain, but Selina stays strong and tries to be optimistic. When she is in better condition, she would take off her oxygen mask and treat it like a microphone, singing songs with her father. "If I heard the sounds of drums, I'll be feeling happier," she sings.

Selina's record company HIM discloses the singer continues to have fever these 2 days. They are still waiting for a full report on the explosion accident from Hunan TV and hope there will be results this week.

Source: Weibo of Selina's parents / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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