Thursday, November 4, 2010

TVB Anniversary Feature: Evergreen Mak

Evergreen/Makbau Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青) is one of those actors in TVB who spent many years to reach where he stands now.

Joined TVB after losing the 1987's "Super New Star Competition" (超級新星大賽), Makbau (meaning "wheat bread") starred in many series as those non-important roles in the beginning. Then finally getting heavier roles, like the forensic professional in Detective Investigation Files II (1995) and Sha Zeng in TVB's Journey to the West (1996, 1998) [second pic].

But he still could not earn enough to support himself and his family. Once with millions in debt, he finally paid everything back to the bank 2 years ago.

And this year, his long years of work also paid back. Although he has played villains before (like Chiu Kwan Ho in Catch Me Now), but it is until this year in No Regrets, his role as Leung Fei Fan (first pic, a selfish greedy police) made him stand out. "Leung Fei Fan, eat shit lar!," says Wayne Lai in the anniversary series. Yes, everybody hates Fei Fan Gor. And yes, everybody knows Makbu now.

How about a "Best Supporting Actor" nomination in this year's anniversary awards?

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


i grow up watching him! thnx 4 this

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