Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bowie Lam Hints No Smooth Relationship Between Jessica Hsuan & Kiki Sheung

Bowie Lam accepted a phone interview yesterday. Talked about while he wins "Best Actor" at the 15th Asian Television Awards in Singapore, TVB only focused on actors from "No Regrets," whether he feels he is mistreated, he said: "A little bit." It is said TVB to hold a press conference to announce the good news of him winning the award, he said: "Hope it won't be too late, I'm quite busy." Asked whether he would celebrate with actors from "Sister of Pearl" including Jessica Hsuan and Kiki Sheung, he hinted the two do not get along: "I don't think I can invite them to sit on the same dinner table together. I don't tell lies. It's just like I won't eat with "that person."

Jessica expressed on the phone that she has no problem eating out with Kiki. On the other hand, Kiki said she is busy and will not reply.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Told you TVB is full of politics, and when there is politics, there will be favouritism, unfair practices, infighting, back stabbing, conflicts, etc

Jessica is very rude! I'd encountered her in real life, and she was very rude to me and my mom who only walked passed her and she was rudely and sarcastically asking for donation for an event. She doesn't seem to get along with alot if the actresses. My friend was in the same elevator with her and her friend after visit to a salon. Jessica was telling her friend not to talk to a certain actress, said she hates her, etc.

^WOWWW rEALLY?!?!!! yu lok huen ar ma........

What is "yu lok huen ar ma"?

^yu lok huen is showbiz iN Cantonese

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