Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Johnson Lee's Date Interrupted, Throws Anger At Reporters

Although they have spotted dating several times in public, but Johnson Lee always denies his romantic relationship with 19-year-old Lukian "Springroll" Wang. Recently reporters spotted the couple shopping together in Central. They did not have any intimate moves like couples usually have. They walked together closely and chat quietly often. Lukian stayed with Johnson the whole time, no wonder the 36 year old was seen smiling the whole time.

However, when the actor saw reporters, he suddenly walked out from the store and yelled at reporters: "Which newspaper is it? Don't have enough? You should have enough work done already!" His girlfriend did not dare to say a word while he was throwing anger at reporters. Johnson went black-faced and did not reply reporters' questions. The two then walked to the backstairs and left.

Several days later, the couple showed up in Central again. Johnson was reading newspaper in the car to spare time. Then Lukian was seen getting into his car with things she just bought. The caring Lukian even took out a hand cream to squeeze some on Johnson's hands, moisturizing boyfriend's dry hands.

After knowing they were being followed again, Lukian stepped out from the car and walked to a nearby building; Johnson drove away immediately.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Johnson Lee right now is afraid of the reporters?

Considering his career isn't exactly that great - he should be flattered with any sort of publicity.

if u just wanna chill with ur gf but found out ure being followed, u probably go black face too XD its quite reasonable, even if u know u supposed to take that in since ure in the showbiz

@ Anonymous - Are you serious? Johnson's so popular these days especially after the Fuk Luk Sau show haha. I would be annoyed too since HK reporters are so annoying.

i know, what are you talking about ? his career isn't great ?! he's so popular now.

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