Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carrie Lam Teases Wong He is Short

Carrie Lam and Wong He attended to an opening ceremony of a Japanese restaurant yesterday. The tall model made herself taller by wearing 3-inches heels, making Wong He appeared a lot shorter. When the two stood together for photos, Wong He did not dare to look at Carrie's "career line" (chest) and was standing on tiptoe, hoping to match his height with Carrie's.

The 2005 Miss Hong Kong teased Wong He is short when being interviewed: "I knew he will be here, so I didn't wear very high heels. But he didn't know I will be here, so he didn't prepare shoe lift inserts!" She said she got As for math but feels embarrassed when talking about numbers when doing business; that is why she focuses in being an artiste. She is very satisfied with her pay for this event and praised the company was very generous.

Wong He disclosed he just started to learn how to do business and invested in a friend's restaurant. It is reported that he refused to renew his contract with TVB and decides to retire from showbiz. Wong He said: "No such thing. No one approaches me yet to talk about contracts, so how do you renew? I don't know whether other people would give up using me, so I'll be prepared." He feels he has reached a dead end for his career and plans to level up to become a feng shui master: "I'm interested in feng shui. I'll learn and get a license. I'll only charge 1 dollar per 1 visit he first year after I get my license."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Wong He is one of those 'lucky' artistes who made in TVB without much talent. He is not handsome, his face and character is not suitable for heroic roles, he does look good as a handsome man, rich man, intelligent man, romantic man, sword fighting man, ancient costume man or as emperor. Nothing! Just so ordinary.

For him to make it this far is alrady a BONUS.

Time to change career, Wong He.

Personally do not feel, Wong He has no talent. He's actually quite a good actor. His character portrayal are excellent, especially his roles as policeman and firefighter, which comes from his experience in the police force.

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