Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yoga Lin Denies Roughing Reporters Up

Maybe the report is too exaggerated.

Although they did not directly admit their relationship, but G.E.M. and Yoga Lin are already seen as a couple. Earlier Yoga even came to Hong Kong secretly to have a date with G.E.M. but was caught by reporters. The magazine pointed out the Taiwanese singer was roughing reporters up when he found out he was being followed.

The 23 year old denied such accuse and replied on Weibo (Sina Microblog): "I'm a decent woman and won't rely on violence. I'm not a little giant either. I came here to make music, not to play games with you." He stressed he was startled and felt offended when 4 men suddenly jumped out from the dark. His action, which was seen as roughing people up, was his natural instincts when he feels threatened.

His girlfriend G.E.M. explained the incident in a radio interview, saying Yoga was only pulling the camera strap on reporters, not like how the heading writes "goes rage and hit people." The 19 year old expressed her boyfriend is not used to Hong Kong paparazzi and she hopes everyone can give artistes some personal space.

Yoga's record company released a statement yesterday and noted the singer's action were self-defense. The report is totally inaccurate and they reserve the right to pursue all legal actions.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


LOL it says on his weibo "I'm a decent woman" ... ?

^ surprised by that, why would u describe urself a woman if ure a man XD

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