Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Metro Hit Music Awards 2010 Result

Metro's Hit Female Singer: Charlene Choi / Denise Ho / Janice Vidal / Jade Kwan
Metro's Hit Male Singer: Hins Cheung / Leo Ku / Raymond Lam / Justin Lo
Metro's Hit Band: Mr. / Rubberband
Metro's Hit Group: Swing
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Newcomer: AK
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Singer Award: Charlene Choi, Zhou Bi Chang / Khalil Fong
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Group: Twins / Lollipop
Metro's Hit Asian Singer Award: Hacken Lee / Kay Tse / Andy Hui
Metro's Hit Asian Creative Singer Award: Justin Lo
Metro's Hit Asian Dance Group Award: Lollipop
Metro's Global Hit Stage Award: Eason Chan / Joey Yung
Metro's Global Hit Singer: Eason Chan / Joey Yung / Miriam Yeung
Metro's Global Hit Song: 《一絲不掛》 Eason Chan
Metro's Global Hit Most Popular Supreme Singer Award: Andy Lau
Metro's Hit 15-years Anniversary Miriam Award: Miriam Yeung
Metro's Hit Encore 25-years Anniversary Award: Andy Hui
Metro's Hit Song: 《一絲不掛》 Eason Chan / 《Deadline》 Hins Cheung / 《黑色狂迷》 Mr. / 《無如果》Swing / 《如果生命還有歌》 Eric Suen / 《一年》 Kelvin Kwan / 《破相》 Joey Yung / 《簡簡單單》 Charlene Choi / 《童話國》 Sherman Chung / 《無緣罪》 Vincy Chan / 《愛的習慣》 Justin Lo / 《SimpleLoveSong》 RubberBand / 《心甜》 Stephy Tang / 《別怕失去》 Jason Chan / 《開籠雀》 Ivana Wong / 《斗零踭》 Miriam Yeung / 《愛在天地動搖時》 Janice Vidal / 《Good To Be Bad》 G.E.M / 《以身試愛》 Jade Kwan /《K歌之后》 Stephanie Cheng / 《珊瑚島》 Ella Koon
Metro's Hit Playlist Award: 《時代》 Leo Ku (song) / Hins Cheung (singer)
Metro's Hit Song of the Year: 《男人信什麼》 JW & Janice Vidal
Metro's Hit New Female Singer: Shiga Lin / Jinny Ng / June Tang
Metro's Hit New Male Singer: Gary Cheng / Jason Chung / Kay Ho
Metro's Hit New Group: Charcoal / 4anda
Metro's Hit New Band: N'GINE
Metro's Hit New Singer From Abroad: Yen-J / Fainche Che
Metro's Hit Newcomer: JW / Phil Lam / Sugar Club / Erika / Benji & Lesley
Metro's Hit Newcomer From Abroad: Khloe Chu
Metro's Hit Adapted Song: 《罪人》 Hacken  Lee
Metro's Hit Karaoke Song: 《你好嗎》 Ken Hung / 《無緣罪》 Vincy Chan / 《我為你唱歌》 Barry Ip / 《美麗二線》 Eunix Lee / 《一片痴》 Aarif Lee
Metro's Hit Duet: 《講男講女》 Eason Chan & Rowena Cortes / 《Go》 Alan Tam & Mr. / 《當我愛上了你之後》 Khole Chu & William So / 《辣著生命》 Barry Ip & Tat Dik & Zac Ko / 《愚不可及》 Renee Dai & Ricky Fan / 《男人信什麼》 JW & Janice Vidal
Metro's Hit Dance Song: 《桃色冒險》 Joey Yung / 《心多》 Gillian Chung featuring MC Jin / 《Do You Wanna Dance》 William Chan / 《No One Knows》 Stephy Tang / 《乾物女皇》 Cilla Lok Tung featuring 6 Wing@FAMA
Metro's Hit Dance Singer: William Chan / Stephy Tang / Tat Dik
Metro's Hit Dance Group: HotCha
Metro's Hit Original Song: 《差利》 Alex Hung / 《亂世佳人》 Louis Cheung / 《破鏡》 Takki Wong / 《忘了 忘不了》 Andy Hui / 《我不要被你記住》 Pakho Chau / 《可惜所需不是我》 Hinson Chou / 《有時》 Endy Chow / 《彳亍》 Juno Mak / 《斷橋》 Denis Ng /
Metro's Hit Creative Singer: Eric Suen / Ivana Wong / G.E.M / Johnathan Wong / Enrico Kwong
Metro's Hit Hip Hop Singer: Hanjin Tan / MC Jin
Metro's Hit Pop Jazz Singer: Bianca Wu
Metro's Hit Rock Singer: Endy Chow
Metro's Hit Compose Award: 《脆弱》/《灰伯爵的忌廉遐想》 Khalil Fong
Metro's Hit Lyrics Award: 《陀飛輪》 Wyman Wong
Metro's Hit Producer Award: 《一絲不掛》 Alvin Leong
Metro's Hit Supreme Singer: David Fong
Metro's Hit Album: 《O'FAMA》 FAMA / 《My Story Your Stories》 Enrico Kwong / 《jazz them up》 Bianca Wu /《無名.詩》Denise Ho /《相反的我》 Zhang Yun Jing
Metro's Hit Album of the Year: 《Connected》 RubberBand
Metro's Hit Mandarin Song: 《脆弱》 Kay Tse / 《魚罐頭》 Zhou Bi Chang / 《詩與胡說》 Denise Ho / 《歲月輕狂》 Aarif Lee / 《玩樂》 Khalil Fong
Metro's Hit Mandarin Singer Award: Zhou Bi Chang / Zhang Yun Jing
Metro's Hit Popular Singer: Sherman Chung / Pakho Chau
Metro's Hit Singer Breakthrough Award: Jason Chan / Ella Koon
Metro's Hit Performance Award: Kay Tse / G.E.M / Jade Kwan
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Female Singer: Miriam Yeung
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Male Singer: Eason Chan
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Band: Mr.
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Group: FAMA
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Song: 《破相》 Joey Yung


i'm surprised that raymond lam only won one award D:< !

Does anyone know why Khloe Chu won Metro's Hit Newcomer from abroad award, I thought she was from Hong Kong.

Also I think you missed off Denise Ho who won Best Mandarin Album Award for 無名‧詩 along with Zhang Yun Jing.

@4: no idea XD weird LOL. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know, can't believe i missed.....god 140 awards -.-

No problem. I still can't believe Metro give out so many awards. Good job on translating them by the way with all those extra words added onto each award, Andy Lau's award name is a joke!

I'm sure Khloe Chu has always been reported as born in Hong Kong, maybe she started off somewhere else like in Taiwan with her indie group or something.

metros known for giving out so many awards, everyones happy lol. yeab andys award...and miriam and andy huis award, anniversary awards to show their yrs in the industry .... wat?

I am also very surprised that Raymond Lam only won 1 award.

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