Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashion Police: 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards

The show is over! Lots of pretty dresses tonight! Congrats to all winners of course! I personally like a lot of them, what do you think?

Sheren Tang vs. Charmaine Sheh: Different styles, tough 9 goo leung vs. noble princess XD Sheren's dress is specially designed to fit her character in "No Regrets"

Blacks: No matter what Raymond Lam wears, his fans will LOVE it. 

The purple girls: LOVE THEM! Selena & Elaine looks so cute and pretty!!!

Nancy Wu: WOW....she's dare to put on this deep-v!! Pretty sexy actually, but the thing is...she doesn't have much?

Floral with bald heads: LOL! Kate and Linda walk out with the "bald" Kenneth and Steven.

 The V-girls: like them both. Samantha has a more Chinese feeling to it, cute

Stunning: you know what I'm talking about...

Moses Chan vs Wayne Lai: Both in black, stylish TV Kings

 The Supportings: I do like Mimi Lo's dress (its quite gothic-ish), but not her shoes.

 Congrats Natalie Tong for winning Most Improved! :)

The Super-Trio: I think Elvina Kong could do better than that

The Silver Couple: :) How could I forget about Fala & Raymond Wong? 


Raymond and Fala looked so stunning together! Her dress is so beautiful. I also like Tavia's dress. :D

Toby Leung and Charmaine Sheh's gown are awful looking!!! Charmaine's one looks like a grandma... long sleeve lace... its baggy.. the colour's gross

Toby's dress is handmade by herself,, her designer must be upset :P

I think the best dress goes to Linda and Fala. For the males, I think Wayne, Ron, Raymond and Steven are all smartly and handsomely dressed. They looked HOT!

Hey, why you say Nancy Wu's dress.. 'she doesn't have much?'

I like her, I luv her, she is good enough as far as I am concerned, soooo sexy, way to go, Nancy, you are geogeous, cheers!

"doesn't have much"---i mean...her cup-size know....theres one photo on Weibo i saw of her, just simply flat, her figure, very thin

raymond wong's not bad either~:) not the usual black wearer

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