Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang Crown TV King & Queen Again, 'No Regrets' the Big Winner

The 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards was held last night and TV King and Queen from last year Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang---successfully won the same award again. "No Regrets" is the biggest winner at this year's awards, winning 4 awards in total (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress).

Wayne once again crowned TV King last night. Before the winner was announced, host of the show Carol Cheng joked: "You didn't win anything so far!" He humorously replied: "Maybe there will be surprises to make the show more entertaining." One of the best moments at the show is when presenter of the award "Best Actor" Sandra Ng did not even open the award envelope and announced the winner is Wayne.

Although they did not win this year's TV King, Moses Chan and Raymond Lam both won awards at the show. Moses received "Best Professional Performance Award" and he said: "I'm only a professional in telling jokes and making coffee." Raymond beat Moses and won "My Favorite Male TV Character" and " Popularity Award." The actor was surprised in winning the popularity award and joked when he received "My Favorite": "Thank you producer Lau [Mysteries of Love] and screenwriters, I still don't get the scripts they wrote."

The award of "Best Actress" is a fight between Sheren and Charmaine Sheh and the winner belongs to the former. Sheren expressed not many people are able to stand on this stage, but they are still working hard under the stage; the award she won is the result of team work.

Although lost this year's "Best Actress," but Charmaine still won "My Favorite Female TV Character" with her role as Chiu Yeung Princess in "Can't Buy Me Love." She noted receiving this award means she received favorable attention and acknowledgment from the audience.

As for Supporting Roles, Evergreen Mak won "Best Supporting Actor" as expected. The hardworking actor finally received an acknowledgment after spending many years in the showbiz. Fala Chen beat Kara Hui and Nancy Wu and won "Best Supporting Actress" again (she won the same award in 2007). She said: "Not everyone likes my character in 'No Regrets.' I've heard many negative opinions, I'll accept them all and continue to work hard."

The "Most Improved" winners are hot favorites Raymond Wong and Natalie Tong. When saying his thank-you speech, Raymond also announced his wife is expecting. Natalie went to get her award with tears and she expressed will dedicate this award to her mom, who has passed away: "Thanks mommy for taking care of me...I love you very much, hope I can have another chance to love you again."

Although "No Regrets" is expected to win "Best Series," but in the end it was its competitor "Can't Buy Me Love" who won. Wayne expressed he is a little disappointed but will continue to work hard.

Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, and Louis Yuen won "Best Variety Show Hosts." They were holding a concert at HKCEC that night and TVB specially sent Tony Leung Kar-Fai to give the award to the four.

Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Louise Lee. It is said winners of this award are usually very old, but the actress joked: "In fact I just turned 60, I still want to pretend I'm little!"

Source: Sina, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Gun Metal Grey got nothing!

Is that why Michael Miu and Felix Wong didn't want to turn up at the awards ceremony, because they already knew that there won't be any awards for them?

My fav actress, Sheren Tang won. yeah, congratulatons to her, muacks, muacks..

i m so sad for Gun Metal Grey all role .. they really done well , but they got nothing ! and here i m happy for everyone except Fala , i don't feel she up to there to get this awards, dissapointed to this Best Supporting Awards !

Im actually so HAPPY tht Sheren and Wayne won it again!! They deserve it coz they worked so so hard 4 it in "no regrets"! I fink they've done a really brilliant job and I hope they'll win "TVB King and Queen" again and I'll b even more happier than ever!!! GO WAYNE! GO SHEREN! GO GO GO!!! :D xxxx

I loved "No Regrets" and was of course very happy that Wayne and Sheren both got their very well deserved awards. They did a truly great job once again. However, I was even more thrilled that Evergreen Mak got his best supporting actor award. I felt he has always been under rated and its great that at long last he is being recognised as a very good actor. Well done, Mak!!

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