Monday, December 20, 2010

Miriam Yeung & Real Ding's Wedding

Congratulations to Miriam Yeung and Real Ding!

Although the couple already registered as a married couple last year, but it wasn't until today they finally held their wedding. The couple first performed a traditional Chinese wedding day ceremony earlier the day. Real and his 14 groomsmen arrived at Miriam's place to obtain the bride. They were blocked at the door by the bridesmaids and were awfully "tortured" by their door games---such as eating wasabi and chocolate on diapers and drinking stinky grape juice.

Real "bribed" Miriam's bridesmaids with $23,999 (signifying "easy to have 999 kids") to buy his way in. He successfully obtained his beautiful bride in the end. Then the couple, in traditional wedding attires, performed the tea ceremony and presented tea to parents and relatives. Miriam's mother cried when her daughter was thanking her parents for taking care of her over these years.

(Each layer of this cake has a different flavor)
The couple's 48-tables wedding banquet took place in the evening. But before it begins, the couple held a short press conference to be interviewed by the media. They showed up in a western wedding attire; the bride was in a white layered wedding dress and the groom was nervous that he stepped on the bride's dress several times. They kissed many times on the requests from reporters.

Then Miriam and Real expressed their declarations of love to each other. Real first joked that he promised he won't fart inside the bed again, then he said seriously: "Trust me, I'll take care of you wholeheartedly." Miriam was touched and replied: "He is a right person, not because he is financially stable or has a high status, it is because he brought my inner self back. This is one of the reasons why I decide to get married."

Talked about their baby plans, Miriam said she will definitely have kids: "Having kids is in my plans. I hope to build a healthy body first. It's a blessing already to have one kid. If I can choose, I'll hope I can have a son, then he can learn kungfu and protect people around him. Plus he doesn't have to experience pains women have to experience!"

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


So happy for her! Wishing her the best!!!

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