Monday, December 13, 2010

Moses Chan Speaks Up After Being 'Dumped'

His 6-year relationship with Bernice Liu might be over, but Moses Chan is facing the matter peacefully.

M: Moses / R: Reporter

M: "Whatever, you know fate, if it's yours then it's yours, many things are fated to be!"
R: "Did you know Bernice and Alastair are dating?"
M: "No, she didn't tell me."
R: "Didn't feel it at all?"
M: "Really couldn't feel it."
R: "Did she account everything to you afterward?"
M: "No, no need to account. It's very clear already. Everything has been reported."
R: "Upset?"
M: "Just facing it peacefully. I believe in fate."
R: "Give her your blessing?"
M: "As long as she's safe, then I'm relieved."
R: "Did that affect you guys working as a couple?"
M: "Shouldn't be. Our company would have appropriate arrangements. I'm open-minded about this. Every job is an opportunity."
R: "Would you guys feel embarrassed next time meeting?"
M: "No, will still be friends."
R: "Double loss this year?" [TV King & Girlfriend]
M: "Double loss? Then will start over again."
R: "Lots of opportunities out there?"
M: "Don't know. I'll start over next year and do well in everything."
R: "To date again once you eye on someone?"
M: "I hope to have a complete life, marriage and career. But career will go first, because fate is arranged by destiny."
R: "Do you mind being compared with her new rich boyfriend?"
M: "I don't mind, there's no who's better or worst."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Forget Bernice, she's not worth it. Too 'gwai mui', there are many other nice girls out there

awww.... feel like giving moses a massive hug <3

and throughout the interview, it sounds like they REALLY were a couple!! poor Moses :( well...pretty much all women wants a reliable life after marriage...p.s. $$$

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