Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jessica Hsuan Not Afraid to Have Rumors With Joe Ma

Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Him Law, etc attended to the costume fitting of a 13-episodes new series <飛虎> (rough translation: "Flying Tigers") and they showed up in their outfits in the series. Jessica plays an Inspector of Police for the Organised Crime Triad Bureau and Joe plays a Special Duties Unit member. There will be many actions scenes and Jessica was told to exercise more. Always "zero exercise," she said walking her dogs is the biggest workout.

Having a romantic relationship with Joe in the series, Jessica expressed she is not afraid to have rumors with Joe. As for Joe, who worked at the G4 [a police protection unit] before, he said G4 and Special Duties Unit are different. Asked whether he would train more, he said: "I need to! But I'll let those muscle men to show off muscle. I don't sell my muscle."

Playing a couple with Christine Kuo, Oscar Leung asked whether there would be intimate scenes, he said: "Should be. I smile when I thought about it. When she touched my hair earlier, I couldn't move. (Spark up a romantic relationship during filming?) It's hard to say! I'll let everyone know by then!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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