Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raymond Lam Attends Wedding, Bridesmaids Fight to Get Him

Raymond Lam's Sister and Brother-in-law
Raymond Lam's younger brother
TVB actor Raymond Lam has a successful career in music, movie, and television industry. Not only series with him as the leading role receive good ratings, his albums sold well. With a bright future ahead, the actor turn singer is actually facing 2 issues right now: getting married and quitting showbiz for family business.

Last week was the wedding of Raymond's younger sister and Raymond specially took a day off to return to his hometown Xiamen for this big day. Always hoping their son can settle down, Raymond's parents took this opportunity to urge him getting married. Their friends and relatives brought singles women they know to the wedding and tried their best to introduce them to Raymond, turning the wedding into a blind date. These single women range from young adults to 20 something; from college students to working women. They were all prepared to meet the TVB actor. Many girls even sat near him and introduced themselves to him.

At around 7PM, Raymond's younger sister Lam Wai Yan walked in with her dad. Raymond finally appeared after his dad and younger brother both sang a song. Raymond praised his younger brother when he was on the stage: "I'm very happy that someone can succeed after my singing career. My brother can actually sing, and it's not bad." Then he expressed his feelings seeing his sister gets married: "I'm very happy to see my sister gets married before I do. Hope they can have kids soon, so my mom can play with grandchildren then she doesn't need to rush me to marriage."

Not only they want their eldest son to get married soon, Raymond's parents also hope he can consider following the family's business. It is known before he made his debut to the showbiz, Raymond once promised he would quit showbiz by 30 and pick up his family business. Already 31 years old, he still has yet fulfilled his promise. Plus his dad does not want him to be attacked by the media, this issue was brought up again this time when he returned to his hometown.

Reporters asked Raymond about this issue and he said: "I thought of quitting, but they are open-minded. Since I found a job I like, my dad does support me. My younger brother helps him out a lot now."

Before he made his debut to the industry, Raymond studied architecture in Xiamen University then continued his studies in North Carolina, USA. He was supposed to be prepared to follow his father's footsteps, having a career in architecture-related business. Then there was one time he attended to a dinner with TVB executives along with his dad and he was asked about going into the showbiz. The then 18 year old decided to give up his studies, but promised to quit when he is 30.

Source: Oriental Sunday / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says:] more 'shocking' photos of Raymond's sister.............


omg.... ray's younger bro looks a bit like cho lam aswell... =.= where does ray's amazing genes come from~

Is Raymond's sister's nose real? Because it looks pretty bad.. almost like it was photoshopped?

is there something wrong with raymond's younger brother's left hand? the 3 fingers look really weird...

HAHA!! i think it's just that he's holding the paper with 3 fingers??? i think Ray's brother looks better than the sister....

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