Saturday, January 8, 2011

Myolie Wu Shows Her Professional Side During Filming

Myolie Wu is currently in Mainland filming new Mainland drama <跑馬場>. Weather has been cold and Myolie got sick due to busy filming under such weather. However, she refuses to take some days off to relax but continued filming. The actress expresses it normal for actors to film while they are sick. It is her job as an actor to be serious to filming.

"It's very normal for us to continue working like this. Sometimes it's hard, but working enriches my life and makes me confident," says Myolie.

Fans are worried about her and have been leaving comments like "be safe," "drink more water," and "don't get sick again." Myolie knows fans are worried and promises to try hard to take care of herself.

Almost done filming, director of this drama are very satisfied with Myolie's performance and professional attitude. He and the crew hope to work with the TVB actress again in the future.

Source: Sina / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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