Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aaron Yan Hangs Out With Veteran Artiste Hu Gua

Aaron in the middle with hat, Hu Gua in orange

To Aaron Yan, age is not a factor in making friends.

The Fahrenheit member has been interacting a lot with Taiwanese veteran artiste Hu Gua lately. They would go out and enjoy a good meal together along with other artistes What makes the 25 year old and the 51 years old getting closer and closer together?

In fact, the two are somehow related (sort of): Father of Hu's girlfriend and Aaron's father are relatives. Hu, who has been hosting TV shows for nearly 30 years, treats Aaron like one of his family members and somehow becomes his mentor.

Being the youngest in Fahrenheit, Aaron often speaks up his mind directly and attracts rumors all the time. This is when Hu comes in and helps him out. Hu would share his showbiz theories with him and tells him 'you are wasting time on other people if you make a fuss of them.'

Although Aaron is part of an idol group, but he has been working on his own projects in recent years. Hu would specially invite Eddy 'OD' Ou, who grouped with Show Luo as The 4 Heavenly Kings before, to their dinners, hoping Aaron can learn how to deal with being in a group and going solo.

Being this close recently, would the two collaborate in future projects?

"I don't dare to think about it right now. I will focus on my solo album and dramas this year," says Aaron.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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