Friday, January 7, 2011

The 33rd Top 10 Gold Chinese Songs Awards Winners

Top 10 Gold Songs
《陀飛輪》 Eason Chan
《愛的習慣》 Justin Lo
《破相》 Joey Yung
《罪人》 Hacken Lee
《天梯》C AllStar
《時代》 Leo Ku
《雨過天陰》 Kay Tse
《不要驚動愛情》 Sammi Cheng
《以身試愛》 Jade Kwan
《Get Over You》 G.E.M. 

CASH Best Composing Singer Award
Justin Lo

Newcomer with the Best Future
Gold: Sugar Club
Silver: JW
Bronze: C AllStar
Excellence: Jinny Ng, Shiga Lin, Benji & Lesley, Cindy Yen

Excellent Mandopop Song Award
Gold: 《說謊》 Yoga Lin
Silver: 《玩樂》 Khalil Fong
Bronze: 《脆弱》 Kay Tse

Singer with the Highest Album Sales this Year
Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Sammi Cheng
Group: Mr.

Global Chinese Supreme Gold Song 
《陀飛輪》 Eason Chan

Best Improvement This Year
Gold: RubberBand
Silver: Ella Koon
Bronze: Pakho Chau

Global Best Chinese Song
《Deadline》 Hins Cheung

Global Best Singer Award
Male Singer: Khalil Fong
Female Singer: Li Yu Chun
Group: Soda Green

Excellent Pop Singer Award
G.E.M. / Joey Yung / Miriam Yeung / Janice Vidal / Kay Tse / Mr. / Khalil Fong / Leo Ku / Hacken Lee / Hins Cheung / Jason Chan / Eason Chan

The Most Excellent Pop Singer Award
Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Joey Yung

Media Recommended Award
Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Sammi Cheng
Song: 《陀飛輪》 Eason Chan

Golden Needle Award
Sally Yeh


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