Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Barbie Hsu Says Goodbye to Filming, Just For Now

 Been in the showbiz for more than 10 years, Barbie Hsu (Da S) is taking a break right now.

Da S married Mainland millionaire heir Wang Xiao Fei last year after knowing each other for just a few weeks to the max. Currently busy planning out her wedding in March, she expressed she won't film anything for now but will shoot television commercials and ads selectively. Not only is to spend more time with her new family, but also to be prepared to get pregnant.

"Now I'm married, I don't want to work myself to death anymore," she said at an interview. "I hope to have kids soon."

The 34-year-old also confirmed "Kangxi Laile" host Kevin Tsai Kangyong will be her wedding host. It will be a very simple wedding next month. The only thing that is troubling her right now is arranging transportation and places to stay for her guests.

"I'm quite stressed that I thought of canceling the wedding."

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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