Monday, February 14, 2011

Elva Hsiao Walks Grammy's Red Carpet With Jamie Foxx

Azn pride!

Elva Hsiao was invited by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx to walk the red carpet of yesterday's 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, and she was the first Taiwanese artist to do so. Appeared in a black C.D Greene gown, Elva was introduced to audiences by Foxx during interviews.

"This is Elva, she's from Taiwan," said Foxx. "She is huge over there, sorta equivalent to Britney Spears."

Although she was on a very strict diet before the show, it was still an excited night for the "Miss Elva" singer. 

"I'm very excited. I hope one day I can attend to this big night as a nominee."

Elva met Foxx through friends last year and was invited to be part of last night's Grammys. Foxx even introduced her to some American producers and rapper Kanye West. They listened to Elva's "Miss Elva" and West even composed a short segment of a song for her. Fans, don't rule out the possibility of them collaborating in the future!

Check out the short interview here!

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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