Monday, February 14, 2011

Raymond Lam Bows to Fans With Apology

Besides bowing, Raymond Lam couldn't do anything else to express his deepest apology to fans.

The popular TVB artist was scheduled to attend to an event in Guangzhou and nearly one thousand fans were waiting for him in the cold rain hours before the event began.

Raymond arrived on time for the 2PM event. However, no one told him to come out and it was until 30 minutes later that he was arranged to accept interviews behind stage. But he still wasn't arranged to get on the stage to meet fans. He asked related units and they replied the event couldn't start yet due to heavy rain and crowds.

Another 2 hours passed by and fans already started whining. The organization eventually decided to cancel the event, and Raymond requested to at least say goodbye to fans on stage. However, his request was turned down.

"I heard fans were getting upset, so I requested to get on the stage and just greet them," the actor disclosed. "I would leave once I calm them down. But I wasn't allowed."

The helpless star could only wave goodbye to his disappointed fans through the door and bowed to them with an apology. Fans left with disappointed and some of them even waited a total of 9 hours just to meet their idol.

The police expressed their reason to end the event was due to safety issue. However, nearly 5,000 fans attended to one of Raymond's events earlier and it went just fine.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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