Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stephy Tang doesn't think Theresa Fu is looking down on her

Stephy Tang, Miki Yeung, Ella Koon, and Chrissie Chau, etc attended to a blog function two nights ago. As Miki's former coworker, Stephy went to Miki immediately when she saw Miki, "Long time no see!" The two posed together on the request of reporters.

Although Stephy only started to write blogs several months ago, but she is always criticized. She said she will be extra careful in the future, especially on typing. "At first, I just want to share so I wasn't being that serious. I never know that many people will read it. The media is always watching." (Will you write about relationships?) "No." She also said she won't update her blog everyday because of busy work.

Said Stephy and sworn enemy Theresa Fu both like to write blogs, and always fight with each other over blogs, Stephy denied, "Maybe something happened when we update our blogs, so the media related them together. Theresa is just writing about life." (Theresa uses English to look down on you?) No, you either use English or Chinese to write blogs. It's nothing special. I won't think in that way." (Do you guys communicate through blogs?) No, it's not MSN."

[Takungpao, Oriental Daily & Mingpao, K]


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