Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stephy Tang will launch a dessert cookbook; challenges to become a "talented woman" again

Always wanted to become a "talented woman", Stephy launched her first love fiction this summer, but it was criticized for having so many typos. But Stephy didn't give up; in fact, she will launch a new dessert cookbook this Christmas.

Stephy went to shop for different cooking equipments with assistant recently. After she brought a small skillet and chocolate, she went to a nearby book store to research and stayed there for more than 1 hr.

She later confirmed and expressed this cookbook will introduce the recipes of simple desserts, hoping middle school and primary school students will make them with their parents.

She frankly said that she always love to eat dessert. "I really love to eat desserts, but I'm afraid of getting fat. I'm good at cooking, too! I was in 'Beautiful Cooking's final. I am not a 'Hell's Master Chef'."

[Selectively from Singtao, K]


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