Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ah Sa is confident in herself, not afraid of Baby stealling Ronald Cheng

It's said that there's a change in the relationship between Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng; William Chan's rumored girlfriend Angelababy is stealing Ronald away. Ah Sa attended to an award ceremony yesterday and she disclosed she fell off from the bed one night during her sleep. Someone suggested to ask Ronald to sleep next to her, so she won't fall again. Ah Sa smiled sweetly immediately. Asked whether she would complain to boyfriend when she's stressed, she said, "I usually complain to Joey Yung by MSN. I don't really talk about work with Ronald, we usually talk about random things." (It's rumored that he's with Angelababy.) "Wonderful! I mean Baby is wonderful!" (Encountered a strong enemy?) "There are a lot of rumors in this industry, I'm always confident in myself!"

Asked whether she has to look after Ronald more, she said confidently, "No need to, it's yours if it's meant to be. To handle Baby? No need to, many things are fated." She's questioned again whether she and Ronald trust each other, she said, "It's about destiny. Many things happened in this industry and I'm experienced enough to handle them. No need to talk about it every time." (Trust Ronald completely?) "I trust myself!"



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