Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Audience Stands Up and Applauds For Taiwanese Susan Boyle Lin Yu Chun

Source: UDN

(left: Lin outside of Star Wagon; right: Lin with William Shatner)

Taiwanese Susan Boyle, 23-year-old Lin Yu Chun finally arrived the US and accepted interviews from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "Lopez Tonight." Lin first went to Ellen's show and performed the song that brought him instant fame---"I'll always love you." Because Ellen brought up the word "Taiwan" several times, Lin was touched and said: "I'm really happy to let the world know about Taiwan." At the end, Lin received 2 VIP tickets from Ellen to the "American Idol Gives Back concert". Lin's planning to go tomorrow.

Lin then accepted an interview from George Lopez. The show arranged the singing teacher of Beyonce and Madonna, etc Nicholos Cosper to teach Lin another song "Saving All My Love For You." Although he just learn the song, but Lin's performance was still excellent and the band in the show encouraged him to develop his career in the states.

Lin then duet "Total Eclipse of My Heart" with veteran actor William Shatner. His performance once again won the audience's heart---they all stood up and applauded for him. During the interview, knowing he likes to eat ice cream and hamburger, host George gave up 10 buckets of ice cream and a burger card which he gets unlimited amount of burgers for free.


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