Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ronald Cheng: Many Opportunity to Support Ah Sa

Last show of Twins' concert ended two nights ago and Ah Sa's ex-husband Ronald Cheng never went to support. Yesterday Ronald held a dinner banquet to celebrate good box office of his new film "Just Another Pandora's Box" (越光寶盒). Asked why didn't he go to support Ah Sa's concert? He explained that he was busy recording news songs in Taiwan, that's why he couldn't take time to watch the show; but he did text Ah Sa, wishing her a good show. Too bad that he missed Twins' show this time? He said: "It's not like they're not going to sing again, must have other opportunities, look at The Wynners, they said they're not going sing again, but has been singing these past 30 years."

As for TVB's "Fun With Liza and Gods" mocked his press conference, he said: "I'm interested in watching that episode. I looked at their pictures and think they did a good job portraying, even the clothes are very much alike. (feel unhappy being portrayed?) No! I portrayed many people too!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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