Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Samantha Ko Gives Her First On-Screen Kiss to Wong Cho Lam

Eric Tseng, Wong Cho Lam, Samantha Ko, etc. were filming an episode for "Super Trio Game Master." Sexy goddess Samantha and Wong Cho Lam were everyone's target. Samantha was nicknamed "Ko Hong Ning" (tall chest ning), and Eric purposely arranged Cho Lam and Samantha to play the sitting balloon game, joked that Cho Lam will have a chance to sit on Samantha.

Samantha already expressed she's going to play as hardcore as she can and covered her skin under sports clothing. But she accidentally exposed the edge of her butt when playing the game of exposing balloons with chest, she said: "Won't play that wildly next time." Felt others took advantage of her? she said: "Like what? you meaning touching his lips? Cho Lam's lips are soft, gave him my on-screen kiss, but his girlfriend wouldn't want it." Not afraid exploding balloons with her chest? "I was afraid it might heart, but I felt a little relieved after putting some pads underneath. Thank god they're real breasts, otherwise they would really explode. I don't think the gestures are indecent, it's okay."

Some media took pictures of Cho Lam's girlfriend, Cho Lam replied: "They're fake, they were taken several months ago. That was my previous female assistant. I'm dating someone now, but it's not the one in the pictures. I'll let everyone know at the right time." Afraid others see her true face? "We're prepared. We've been seeing each other for more than half year. It's more important to tell others that I'm not available, because she came from a traditional Christian family, I have to reassure her and her family."

Source: UDN and NowNews / Translated by: KAY @


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