Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Picks Auspicious Hour, Ready To Give Birth Through C-section

Source: Oriental Daily

Cecilia Cheung, whose due date is next month, has been staying home resting these several days. Her sister took the job of bring Lucas to school and back home. It's known that Cecilia's mother-in-law Lai Goo (Deborah Lai) already picked an auspicious hour and good day for Cecilia to give birth this week. In order for Cecilia to be worry-free and comfortable when giving birth, besides hiring a professional female doctor to deliver the child, Lai Goo also booked a deluxe suite in a 5-star hospital; rent payment solely reached 20,000HKD already.

Just won a "Best Supporting Actor" award lately, Cecilia's husband Nicolas Tse has been busy since Cecilia announced her pregnancy. In order to thank Cecilia for understanding, he put his job in Hong Kong and Mainland on hold for a  month and prepared to welcome his second son together with Cecilia. Once said he's afraid of seeing blood, Nicolas even consider to stay in the delivery room with Cecilia.

Lately reporters met Lai Goo on the streets in Central. Because she will be a grandma again, she appeared to be very happy. Asked whether Cecilia is giving birth this week, Lai Goo smiled and said: "Of course I won't answer this question. Next to Lai Goo, reporters spotted a big bag that contained a large papaya and milk candy--maybe they're for Cecilia?

In addition, Cecilia's assistant disclosed on the phone that Cecilia is doing very good and is ready to give birth at any time. Said Cecilia, who wants to have 5 children, is not suitable to have too many children due to c-sections, her assistant said: "She never thought of that problem, she won't stop, she will continue to have kids. (She doesn't go out often, is it hard for her to carry the baby this time?) No, it's about the same when she had Lucas last time. The first 3 months are always the hardest. She just want to rest more by staying at home." Talked about whether Lucas knows he's going to be an older brother? Assistant replied: "He's still little, doesn't know too much. Lai Goo will visit Cecilia occasionally."


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