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Cyndi Wang Replies to Virginity Incident; Fan Zhi Wei Apologizes

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Cyndi Wang spoke up today (04/24) about her virginity incident. She wrote a note on Facebook in the afternoon:

(From 王心凌Cyndi Wang)

I thought running away from a bad relationship with tiny bits of beautiful memories will mean everything is now in the past. In fact, I still need to face goods and bads from the relationship. It's not like I'll be freed when I say I'll forget about it. In fact, I still have to face those bad memories, I can't remember only the goods. If a relationship can make people learn that much, maybe you didn't just lose something.

Friends asked me did you regret? What I'm thinking, is actually not about regreting. Love in the past, I don't want to end it with 'regret.'  I rather feel glad that I once invested that much when I was this young. We will all meet right and wrong people. We'll have to learn to accept the happiness and pain love gave us.

I cried, ate, and played with my dog. A new day then began. Because my management is distressed for me, they decided to take serious legal actions to stop this ridiculous behavior. When Jia-Rong jie [Cyndi's manager] told me their decision, my mind went blank. I don't want these troubles to make people who concern about me to feel it's scary to fall in love! After ending the previous relationship, I've been quiet for a while. Many people all said, no wonder you don't dare to start a new relationship even after this long. Actually I still believe, that there will be a right person, who can give me a good relationship. It's just, when I encounter love again, I'll be braver and smarter to face it.

As for Fan Zhi Wei, who started the whole controversy, he released a statement through the crew of his upcoming drama "就是要香戀," apologizing to Cyndi Wang and others who are involved:
First of all, as for the incident this time, I sincerely apologize to Miss Cyndi Wang, colleagues who are worked with me, friends who support and concern about me, and all females.

Today I hope to let everyone understand the incident through this statement. It's out of my expectation, and it's not my intention to hurt anyone. But to avoid further harm and misunderstanding, I'll tell the message here, hoping others will understand.

As for relationship, there are many times when I hope to let go completely. Although it has been a long time, even I thought I can accept my past completely, learn and grow from it, that's why I posted old pictures on April 1st to let others see my past. I wrote down "I'm not afraid to face the past," but I didn't know that will cause harm; this is not my intention. What I really want to express is that I'm not someone who won't make mistakes, but I'm not a bad person, so I'll willing to apologize for my EQ.

As for friends, I'm just like everyone else, who longs for having many real supporting friends, so I greet people with a trusting attitude. If someone takes the imitative and concerns about my things, doesn't matter it's the crew or reporters, I'll talk with them with my frank attitude. But this time, I didn't take precautions and over-trust. I thought it was a concern but it actually hurt others and myself. But I guarantee with my honor, this whole time I'm absolutely not the one set everything up, and I never thought to create publicity stunt.

As for performing, I really love performing. I didn't stay in the showbiz for vanity. I tried my hardest to perform every character, and I grateful many seniors and artistes taught and encouraged me. In real life, there're many traps I can't avoid, and this is my fatal wound in the showbiz.

To everyone and every unit who got involved into this incident, I present you my deepest apologies. Also I have to apologize for those who support and care about me. I hope my dearest parents, family and friends will forgive me. I'm willing to bear the consequences of my reckless actions. Thank you all!

Fan Zhi Wei


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