Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sharon Chan As A Prostitute, Men Keep Watching

Sharon Chan was filming TVB's new series "怒火街頭" in Shum Shui Po lately. The plot was about Sharon, who plays a prostitute, fell to the ground when she was helping the police to chase a thief. She appeared in a low sexy top and shorts for filming and that attracted many men to watch and take pictures. A man even pointed at Sharon and commented with a foul word: "That woman is that X tall!"

After filming, Sharon expressed that she didn't feel quite comfortable, she said: "Really didn't feel that comfortable, because my look is quite sexy, but still safe to go, many crew workers are here. (Not afraid of exposing?) I took precautions, didn't think too much during filming, I was into the character. (Mind being discussed and commented by others?) I have high EQ, I'll pretend I didn't hear anything even if I did. Working in the showbiz, you have to get used to it, face with an unbiased heart."

In addition, besides dressing up in sexy outfits, Sharon also have to film bold scenes such as being touched and raped. She expressed: "First time playing a prostitute, in order to portray it well, I already look at some reference, watched many movies. I also went to look at places like Shan Shum Po, see how those people dress and express themselves."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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