Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joe Ma: I'm Actually Very Devoted!

The flirty looking Joe Ma was rumored with many TVB fa-dans in the past. But lately he's away from rumors gradually. Doesn't matter how others think of him, fortunately his wife trusts 100%. Joe says: "I'm very devoted, at least over these years I have only one wife." In addition, his partner in "Suspects In Love" Sharon Chan was cheated by her boyfriend, making her very upset and depressed.

Always plays an intelligent and brave police detective, Joe has a new break through lately. He plays a quite silly detective who thinks he's smart at investigating, but in fact he will get in trouble all the time. Joe says the character is kind of like him in real life, but he never thought to use this character to clean his image and win back the hearts of "see-lais."

"I'm similar to the character, silly people who are always played by others. Quite good to family, of course I'm not too much a male chauvinist like him, but we both try to succeed by trying hard. Can't say that I'm using this character to clean my image, I played good characters like him in the past, but mostly professionals, and they were very women-welcoming. This time is a more pragmatic character, hope viewers will like Joe Ma who tries to portray characters in a second way!"

After "Triumph in the Skies," Joe works with Flora Chan again. Meeting up after 6 years, they still work well with each other, but he senses a change: "Acting-wise of course there's no change, but in the past she was a little more playful during work, quite boyish personality. Now she's more serious, maybe because she became a mother. It's a second stage of life when women became mothers. I'm happy for her, I think Flora's fans will feel happy seeing her getting her happiness."

Although Joe's a married man and a father of a 11-year-old son, but his handsome appearance attracted many rumors in the past. List of rumored-girlfriends includes Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, even female models. It was also rumored that his marriage was on rocks. However, these recent years he's temporarily away from rumors. But Joe doesn't think his past rumors affected his career: "Rumors are uncontrollable. As for career, if everyone thinks my acting is OK, I'm happy already. As long as I have this heart, I believe one day I will succeed. I don't think I'm flirty, at least after married for this long, I still have only one wife. My wife trusts me 100%, otherwise how can our relationship stayed strong? Communication is very important, doesn't matter how busy, I'll sleep at home. Doesn't matter using what ways to tie us together, as long as we have the heart."

Sharon Chan plays Joe's fiance, but Flora interrupted the two. Sharon says if in reality her boyfriend cheats on her, she would definitely step out of it: "I'll let that person have him, that man likes a second woman, he can like a third or fourth one, he can't be a good man. When I was in school, my boyfriend cheated on me. I was very upset, couldn't eat nor sleep, lost lots weight. Now that I grew up as an adult, won't look upon romance that much. Not worthy to stay? I'll leave freely."

Although she met men who cheated, but Sharon won't be strict on her boyfriends because of that: "In contrast I'll go easy on him, let him play, as long as he doesn't go too far. I purposed to loosen up, no use to be worried, this is the problem of personality, useless even if I'm super strict on him. Couples should compromise with each other, not supposed to control each other."

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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