Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elanie Yiu Wants To Gain Weight and Shows Off Body With Bra

Elaine Yiu and Sire Ma never worked together, but they're both good friends with Suki Tsui and are Suki's bridesmaids last year. Elaine said she really wants to get married. She said: "Many friends are married or planning to get married. I also hope my Mr. Right will appear soon. Too bad it's hard to find a boyfriend as an artiste. Good men in the showbiz are already married."

Sire said she hasn't meet the right person and would focus on her career right now, and imagine dating actors she work with in series like Ron Ng and Raymond Lam, etc. She said: "Suki is a girl who is daring to love, but I have to think carefully before doing everything, guess I will plan to get married at least after I'm 30." Summer is comming and many female artistes will show off their good bodies in swim wear shows to earn money. Elaine said she doesn't mind and she wants to walk lingerie shows the most. She explained: "I want to walk lingerie shows more than swimwear ones, I think lingerie can show off one's body curves more, also you can be like Jessica C, your bust size will gain a cup, but first I have to try hard to gain weight, it would look better if I'm chubbier."

Always have a lean body, Sire also gained weight successfully and she's ecstatic: "Because I worked with Bobby Au-Yeung in '(不速之約),' we've been eating a lot everyday these two months. We even ate the food (props) on the set!" Sire said now she gained weight, Bobby said they look like siblings. She said: "I play Bobby's younger sister in the series. He always say, Ah Mui, you got chubbier lately. You're going to film ancient series soon, I'm worry the fat would appear on your face, it's time to start to control the amount you're eating.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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