Thursday, April 29, 2010

TVB Fires "Stephen Chan Gang" Member Tang Yun Mei

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Another "Stephen Chan Gang" (Chi Wan Bong) member is fired. Producer Poon Yu Kai was fired earlier with the reason of "no other jobs," yesterday TVB fired producer of "On The Road" (向世界出發)Tang Yun Mei. TVB publicist Tseng Sing Ming said the decision was made to reorganize non-drama department and fit the needs of future production; he won't rule out the chance of working together again. But he stressed this has nothing to do with Stephen Chan. Tang confirmed the incident yesterday: "TVB gave me two choices, one: I would leave on my own, the other one: fire me. I told them to fire me, because I didn't do anything wrong! (Got fired because you're part of the 'gang'?) I don't even know whether I'm part of the gang or not, I just feel that even a colleague with good ratings, many awards, and good reviews is being fired, don't know what is their standard. TVB has a greater loss than I do."


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