Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ronald Cheng and Ah Sa No Oppose To Play A Couple On-screen

Although they couldn't be husband and wive, Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) are still friends. Lately there's a report from Mainland saying a director planned to make martial arts novel '萍擪俠影錄' into a TV series. He wanted to invite couples or husband and wife in the showbiz to act. It was reported the team once invited Ronald and Ah Sa, who didn't file for divorce yet. But they didn't want to be in the same series together and scared off the team with a demand of 8 million pay.

Ah Sa attended to izzue fashion show yesterday and she expressed she never heard anyone inviting her and Ronald to film as a couple, so she felt the report is quite humorous. Company didn't notify her? She said: "Shouldn't be. If if there is an offer, still have to look at the scripts first. But I'll go Beijing to film '翡翠明珠.' Soon I'll film '財神客棧' with Nicolas Tse and Barbie Hsu. Jobs are arranged till November." If scripts are suitable, paid is high, will she work with her ex-husband again? Ah Sa said: "Might try it if I'm free. I don't oppose. How much pay will make me say yes? I only like to film, company will decide the amount of money."

Just returned being single again, Ah Sa doesn't want to start dating right now. If Ronald starts to pursue her again, will she say yes and reunite? She only said: "Depends on fate, we'll see if it's suitable." Talked about earlier she was on the same stage with Ronald for Qinghai relief, did she pay attention to his performance? Ah Sa said: "I watched B gor gor and his daughter. I really didn't see Ronald Cheng!"

Ronald attended to a Nokia event and also expressed besides a company said they hope he and Ah Sa will film 'Happy Home 2010' (花田囍事2010) together (Ah Sa had no free spot so she couldn't make it), no other companies have ever approach to them like the report claimed. Ronald stressed he doesn't mind working with Ah Sa. Depending on the story of the script, it wouldn't be a problem even if they have to play a married couple. Reporters said his response is just like Ah Sa's, Ronald said: "This is the fact! We're friends. It's still good if we have chances to work together."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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