Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blackie Chen Asks For Resignation From New Show After Hosting Just One Episode

New variety show <梁陳即時> just premiered yesterday and one of the hosts Blackie Chen asked for resignation today. He said he knew interviewer wasn't telling the truth but he had pretend he's being neutral, making him feel very painful. Another reason is because girlfriend Christine Fan also believes this show isn't suitable for him.

CTV's new live entertainment show <梁陳即時> aired its first episode last night and they invited controversial subject "Wukong Girl" Chen Yi Ting to talk about her matter with Jay Chou. But during the interview, Chen never explain anything. Her manager and mom interrupted filming several times, stunning hosts Blackie and Vincent Liang He Qun.

Considering the show is different than he thought it would be, during last night's review meeting after the premier, Blackie disclosed his thought of resignation and expressed his thought to CTV's programme director Liang Tian Xia. Blackie also updated his status on Facebook: "Today I decided to resign from <梁陳即時>....as for my resignation that caused trouble to the crew and others, I feel very sorry, really very sorry, but so far this is the only right decision I can make for myself."

Soon after, CTV, production unit of the show, and Blackie held a press conference and explain to outsiders. Blackie expressed in the conference, he understands the interviewee's words aren't facts, but still has to keep being neutral. He feels deeply contradicted and believes he has limited capacity. He isn't competent to do the job so he decided to resign. But he hopes viewers will continue to support show.

Blackie said, especially the incident is related to his friend. If he speak up for his friend, viewers will think he isn't being neutral. If he doesn't explain for his friend, he needs friends, too, that makes him feel contradicted: "Rather than letting similar incidents to happen again, it's good to leave right now." He also said, you can find jobs again, but friends is something lifelong. He expressed he feels sad and painful to make this decision. He knows there are many criticism on the internet already. He's willing to accept all blame, but he's firm with his choice.

In addition, he also said girlfriend Fan Fan Christine Fan believes this show isn't suitable for him. He needs Fan Fan, Fan Fan's words are influential to him. He also believes don't lift 100g if you can only lift 50g, so far he can only lift 50g.

Blackie will still appear in tonight's <梁陳即時> and say goodbye to viewers**. CTV expressed it happened in sudden and they haven't think of the next candidate to replace Blackie's position.

**In episode 2, Blackie didn't show up as planned. The team make a call out to Blackie but his fiance Christine Fan took the phone away. She said she hopes Blackie to resign. She even stressed: "I told him firmly, if he continues to host this show, our relationship will be seriously challenged." 

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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