Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Appears The First Time After Giving Birth

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated b: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

After giving birth to second child on May 12, Cecilia successfully avoided all media from getting to the hospoital to leaving the hospital. Even it was her 30th birthday two days ago, she still stayed at home and celebrated with husband and son. She's been in low-profile and didn't go out.

It was until yesterday that Cecilia was spotted leaving the house. Yesterday afternoon, Cecilia appeared in Centrl with a friend. Appearing the first time after giving birth, she seemed to be in good spirit. Although she wore mask and big sunglasses, but it was still easy to recognize. There wasn't any big difference before and after giving birth. After she discovered reporters were taking picture of her, Cecilia, who was on the phone, pulled down shades and told driver to leave.

Later, Cecilia accepted a phone interview and explained why she was in Central: she went to a follow-up in a clinic in Central. As for the condition of wound healing after giving birth through c-section, Cecilia said: "Doctor said I'm doing well, also said I can give birth to 80 kids, but he told me to avoid eating fish maw and bird's nest. I got a little disappointed after hearing that, because I like eating bird's nest." Being a mother again, she is very happy of course. She said son Quintus has gained from 7 lb 7 oz to 8 lbs+ and he is in good health. She joked first time walking out and people already spotted her. But because reporters were friendly, so she doesn't mind being photographed.


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