Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Netizens Criticize TVB Series 'Mysteries of Love' Copying Japanese Drama 'Galileo'

Although TVB's new series "Mysteries of Love" already said they're the Hong Kong version of Japanese drama "Galileo," and producer Lau Ka Ho expressed they're not worried of being accused copying, but after first episode was broadcast, netizens discussed it lively. Some netizens left comments on tvb.com pointing out the plot, characters, occupations, character relationships, even the setting design are very alike to "Galileo." They accused TVB copying, and some said already complained to Broadcasting Authority. But until last night, Broadcasting Authority expressed they didn't receive any complain regarding to "Mysteries of Love."

Looking at the first episode of this new series, it really is similar to "Galileo." Raymond Lam, who plays a genius physicist, has the same occupation as Fukuyama Masaharu in "Galileo." Tavia Yeung is just like Shibasaki Kou in the Japanese drama, who plays a rookie police. But the most stunning thing is the lab Raymond stays at all the time, it's 90% alike to the one in "Galileo," not to mention the blackboard full of formulas. Even Japanese Yahoo reported "Mysteries of Love" is copying "Galileo." Some Japanese netizens commented, pointing out Chinese copying is a common occurrence.

Although being accused of copying, but its first episode has ratings of 32 points. As for the critisicm, TVB external affairs assistant director Tseng Shing Ming replied: "We would respect netizens' opinions. Plot development took references from many other dramas, not only Japanese dramas. In fact many dramas are similar to each other, 'Mysteries of Love' aired only 1 [2] episodes, don't make judgments this fast."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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