Saturday, May 8, 2010

Louis Yuen Relies On Big Contrast When Impersonating

Part 2: Louis Yuen

 Louis Yuen blames himself for being deficient. Thick lips, big waist, curvy body, he couldn't be like Wong Cho Lam, who can handle the feminism of a small woman. In order to impersonate well, he has do extra work before the show: "Every time I impersonate, really have to do more research before hand, have to watch all shows and singing technique of that person, then go for the main part, it's all about experiences."

Knowing he is fat and it's hard to impersonate certain people: "I can never impersonate So Gai Mao [掃街茂], he's so skinny, just can't do it in any way. But I feel it's because I can't resemble him, so there would be a contrast, viewers would be happy watching it." He continued: "But usually I would pick people who have similar body type like me, because I don't dare to risk. I want to be confident before impersonating, like impersonating Chan Cheng Cong, Sammo Hung, and Tiger Woods, I feel I impersonated them well. Like Tiger Woods, just have to blacken my face, thicken my lips, then put on some make-up cotton and I'm done!"

As for the old days in "Enjoy Yourself Tonight," there are fewer good impersonators in Hong Kong. Lo Hoi Pang, Lo Ho Kai, Adam Cheng aged now. Mui Siu Wai and Kingdom Yuen seem to be taking a break. Responsibility of '3 Gods'  is not just to entertain everyone, but also to keep this type of performing art. Louis said: "I think we cannot lack comedian stars. If no one impersonate and entertain, everyone would be stressed out to the max! I think we three are 3 cobblers, all have different comedy talent. We have different strong points. When we get together, we would be the strongest group."

Talked about strong points of every 'God,' Louis said: "We three are all different. Johnson is careful and detailed when impersonating, he handle every gesture and laugh very well. Besides good at impersonating, Cho Lam is also good at writing lyrics. Lyrics in many songs are written by him, he's great. As for me, I'm better at controlling the atmosphere and timing, making the audience more enjoyable. Plus Ah Jeh, we can complement each other's deficiency."

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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