Saturday, May 8, 2010

Johnson Lee Practices His Skills By Singing Karaoke

Part 1: Johnson Lee
The Sun / Translated by: KAY

 Everyone knows about him impersonating the four heavenly kings, it's an easy job for Johnson Lee to impersonate all Hong Kong singers. Unfortunately Hong Kong is a strange market and can't fit this type of artiste. Although his excellent performances are already hits on YouTube, but he is still not so lucky. Fortunately "Fun With Liza and Gods" made a change in Johnson's life---he is now popular. News relating to his family and romance life are exposed to the public. He didn't worry nor panic, and sees everything like usual, because he didn't think he ever has any bad luck: "This half year, I'm offered with many jobs, really, never thought it would be successful when company shaped me as an impersonate expert. To be honest, now I perform on stage more than acting, of course I earned more money this way than before."

Many people keep having dreams of becoming super stars. But the optimistic Johnson knows it's stupid to think too much: "Won't be stupid to set a time that I have to be popular by tomorrow. There are only 24 hours in one day, it's not enough to use! Don't be stupid. Instead of thinking unnecessary things, why not plan how to do better tomorrow! I don't daydream." It's not hard to learn Jacky Cheung's expressions nor Leslie Cheung's tender sentiments, but Johnson even learned their voices. He said it's because of karaoke: "When I was 14, there weren't too many entertainment living abroad. Family bought a karaoke machine to home, and I kept singing everyday! Different songs released and I would practice all songs. Don't know why, when I have the mic in my hand, I would be like that singer when I sing."

But actually Johnson never won any singing contest: "I sang like Leslie Cheung when I compete in singing contest, of course it didn't work! Didn't have my own style, so never won any contest! But never thought that this can become the way to earn money 20 years later." Now Johnson also have to impersonate different subjective people. He thinks there's only one way to do it well: "In order to impersonate well, you have to be ten times exaggerated in that person's movement and voice, of course some singers' voice aren't too special, then I can never portray them. But won't have a chance to portray them neither, because they won't get popular!"


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