Saturday, May 8, 2010

Joey Yung Goes To Support SD5 Xing Tang,Not A Simple Relationship?

Translated by: KAY

Earlier there were rumors of ex-Super Junior member Han Geng joining new Mainland idol group "SD5 Xing Tang," (SD5行堂) In the release event yesterday, the appearance of all 5 members wiped the rumors of Han Geng joining. The group released their first single "Secret Lover" and featuring Joey Yung. Lately this song become hits of radios and online. Clicking rate is very high and it has become DJs' most recommended song.

During the single's release event, all 5 stylish men sang two songs from their EP: "Secret Lover" and "Shy Shy." The biggest surprise that day was the arrival of secret guest, super star Joey. After hearing news of SD5 releasing albums, Joey specially came to congratulate them, even missing Twins' first regroup concert. Able to make super star Joey to be this supportive, what kind of relationship does these 5 young men have with Joey?

Kay's P.S: The relationship is...PUBLICITY! And they copied SJ's signature hand pose! boooo


[quote]And they copied SJ's signature hand pose! boooo [/quote]

woh, U know Super Junor's signature hand pose too.LOL. I'm a fan of Joey and SJ,especially Han Geng. LOl, tks u again

yeah LOL i suddenly fell in love with SJ and particularly Han Geng last yr XD just bcus they're a 5 people group doesnt mean they can steal it~~ ur welcome ^^

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