Tuesday, August 17, 2010

45-year-old Sandra Ng is 2-months Pregnant

45-years-old Sandra Ng has a daughter already, but she always wanted a son. In order to get pregnant at an older age, she has been visiting doctors and looking for special Chinese medicine recipe. According to reliable sources, finally she is pregnant again and that's why she rejected to star in a new movie.

Although Sandra is in her early stage of pregnancy, but she doesn't avoid anything like many modern moms. She still wore 3-inch heels to a movie premier earlier. Reporters already asked whether she is pregnant again, and she was prevaricating, only said she won't reply to related questions. She originally decided to star in Kam Kwok Leung's new movie and the movie is set to begin filming soon, but now she is pregnant, she immediately say no to it.

Actually last year after Sandra returned to host TV show "Club Sparkle," she was planning to have another child and decided to work less in order to focus getting pregnant. She believed it wasn't the right time when her daughter is still little. Now her daughter is 4 and it's a perfect time for Sandra to get pregnant again.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

*P.S. from Kay*

Sandra was seen shopping with her 4-year-old daughter recently on the streets. She was wearing loose clothing and look at her----now we're just missing her direct confirmation!


wow! congrats! dont they have a 3 months thing thats why they cant say anything about the baby?

Congrats! If she's able to get pregnant at the age of 45, I hope Carina will be able too!

i know!!! Carina Lau n Tony Leung's baby is going to be one of the cutest ever!

Totally! :Q___ but I read somewhere that Carina is planning to give up in getting pregnant..I hope it's not true ;_;

that would be sad :( well she's like 46.....men can always good sperm but women cant have the right egg all the time, sigh, god bless this golden couple!

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