Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dominic Lam, Joe Ma, Power Chan: Men's Most Pain

TVB series "Beauty Knows No Pain" will broadcast finale this week. In order to push ratings, three male leads from the series Joe Ma, Lam Kar Wah, and Power Chan accepted interview with their "other halves," who are rarely seen by others. Besides wife, children, and family, most men care about their cars the most. There is n exception to these three male leads. Joe's "other half" is an Audi Q7 seven seater 4WD; Dominic's favorite is an Audi A4 RV; Power's car is a Mitsubishi i K car.

Dominic Lam: I'm hateful

When Power saw Joe and Dominic's "wives," he immediately praised they take good care of their cars and sighed at himself. The three talked about cars right away when they met and exchanged tips with each other.

"BKNP" is ending this week. Although Vincent Chien plays by Dominic, has Michelle Yim to have kids for him at a risky age, unfortunately he couldn't resist Yoyo Chen and committed adultery. Many netizens pointed if TVB adds a "The Most Hateful Character" award at the Anniversary Awards, Lam would be the best choice. As for this, Lam said: "Yeah, there are many topics in every series. However, this year is very special. Including 'A Fistful of Stances,' I play a bad guy in two series. But Vincent Chien in 'BKNP' is more annoying, especially to female viewers." He continued: "In fact, I already knew about it when I received my scripts. I also specially went to do research. I deepened the originally plot, so during filming I'm prepared to be disliked."

Joe Ma: Nothing left

Talked about the end of the story, when talked about his relationship with Maggie Cheung, Joe said: "You can call this men's most pain. First wife is actually a lesbian. When I met Maggie, I gave her all my love. I kept understanding and loving her. But in return, she betrayed me and took away my everything!" Dominic also said: "I can't say I didn't have anything left. she (Michelle) gave birth a son for me, just we didn't get together." Power said with smiles: "Out of the three of us, I'm the most loyal. From looking down at Joyce Tang in the beginning, to making fun of her, admiring, loving, and protecting this woman, I can say this is a happy ending."

In the series, Michelle, Maggie, and Joyce acted out the biggest pains women have to face at different stages. Dominic, Joe, and Power also talked about men's most pains, Dominic said: "Men would never told women their thoughts clearly. They always treat women like they would understand, so I think men's biggest pain is: how come women would not understand? Men won't do very detailed things, but women mind this alot. Men would think you should understand that it doesn't mean I don't love you if I don't satisfy all your needs. It counts as the most pain."

Power Chan: Can't be weak

Power feels men's pain must come from heart/feelings, he said: "The most pain is burden. If the wife earns more than the husband, or her education and status is better than her man, he must feel very painful. This type of pain is mental pressure. Don't know whether this is in tradition or it's a genetic problem, men rarely talk to others, don't want to show their weakest side."

Joe couldn't hold his words and joined: "Men like to stay quiet, take in anything. At this moment, I feel it's hard. Maybe sometimes if you speak it out and share it with others you might feel better. But when you're there, you don't know how to tell them. If you tell, it feels like you're very weak, don't want others to see this side of you. But you can't take all these stress, you only know your own pain."

Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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