Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wayne Lai Agrees to Promote Raymond Lam as TV King

After Wayne Lai is done filming "Rosy Business 2," he officially returned to the cast of sitcom "Some Day." Yesterday he attended to the promotion of "Some Day" and was welcomed by actors from the series. Average ratings last week of this series is 23 points and is only 2 points away from Raymond Lam's "Growing Through Life" (25 points). Wayne hopes his return to the series would spark the ratings and he doesn't allow it to lose to Raymond. He said: "No such thing as letting someone win in this world. It's more important for viewers to be happy."

However, Wayne praised Raymond is skilled and popular. If Raymond can be promoted, it would be a good thing because TVB doesn't have someone to relay for a long time. Asked whether he would let Raymond have the award of TV king? Wayne said: "I'm just participating. It depends. Although people behind-the-screen like 'RB2' very much, but that doesn't mean viewers like it, have to wait for everyone to decide, not like I can just let him have it."

Teresa Mo expressed she is in the same company with Raymond and shouldn't fuss ratings with colleagues. As for Raymond's series is rated as okay, she believes viewers need time to get used to it. She joked: "Raymond is one of the popular 'siu-sans,' this handsome, no problem! No problem! I should support too. Starting tonight, I would only watch his series."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY 


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