Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christine Ng Would Continue to Touch Mr. HK Contestants

Mr. Hong Kong 2010 Contest would be held this Saturday (August 21). Yesterday, TVB held a press conference at one of the 3D theaters that would provide live broadcast of the show. It announced hosts of the event and a list of performing guests. Hosts are Carol Cheng (DoDo Jeh), Mandy Lieu, Ella Koon, Koni Lui, and Christine Ng, who is titled the eternal honorary president of Mr. HK fans. As for there are groups complaining Mr. HK contest violated sex discrimination ordinance and looked down men, Carol said: "I never mind those, whatever the company likes, I'll make the show good and do my best."

Christine appeared to be very excited and said she would touch the contestants as usual, she said: "I would ask their permission for body contact. It would happen at a happy situation, it's a happy action." She expressed it feels different being a host instead of a guest, but she already prepared pretty outfit to win. Asked whether she asked husband's permission to be the host, she said: "We've been married for 11 years, already lived the most brilliant life with him. I hope he can let me look at this younger, prettier, and fresher world. He supports me, too."

As one of the hosts, Koni believes the contest didn't belittle men and caused gender discrimination. She said: "The organization also remind judges don't touch the contestants. In fact, in the past Miss HK would be complained of insulting women when the contestants are wearing less fabric. Although there are female guests only, but for other live broadcast areas, we also invited male guests and they have a chance to vote." She expressed she also want to feel the 3D effect but believes it's better to feel the 4D effect being at the event. Asked who is more good looking, this year's contestants or rumored boyfriend Dickson Wong, who was one of the 2008 Mr. HK contestants, Koni said: "I don't know how come am I this fateful with Mr. HK, I would pay attention to it that day."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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