Thursday, August 12, 2010

Model Jacquelin Ch'ng Admits Having Breast Augmentation and Double Eyelids Surgery

Before surgery

Model Jacquelin Ch'ng admitted she had plastic surgery recently. She had breast augmentation and double eyelids surgery done last week. Her chest measurement jumps from A-cup to C-cup and her confidence totally returned. Yesterday reporters spotted her shopping in a supermarket alone. Although she wore a loose dress and black sunglasses, but she seemed very confident the whole time. She admitted she won't regret having breast augmentation: "Been flat-chested for this long time, I want a change. I went to do these surgeries knowing they would be safe. Now my chest is still swelling, a little painful. My eyes are still recovering. Maybe my skin is thin that's why it takes more time to recover." Talked about her views on breast augmentation, she said: "Actually many people have done it, but no one admit

Jacquelin's family is being supportive to Jacquelin's decision. Younger sisters Lisa (Miss HK second runner-up) and Mona Ch'ng expressed their sister is brave but they won't try plastic surgery. Jacquelin's boyfriend Deep Ng is currently filming in Mainland and he expressed he already know girlfriend is going to have breast augmentation: "I wasn't in HK the day she went to have surgery. I called her mom to ask how did it go. (Happy?) Worry more than happy! She had to have general anesthesia. The surgery started at 1PM and she still didn't wake up at 5PM. It doesn't matter whether her figure is big or small, as long as she is happy and if she has more confidence, I would support her anyways."

Several years ago model Gaile Lai also openly admitted she had breast augmentation, but a year after she removed her implants and returned to normal.

Source: ON.CC, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @


at least shes admitting it, unlike other people, good work

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