Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super Newcomer of the Year: Hebe Tian Fu Zhen

A 90-seconds clip of a female singing has been circulating on the internet. Netizens are wondering who is this by. Some believed it's by Faye Wong and some believed it's by a newcomer from a singing contest. The mystery finally revealed and this song is actually by Hebe @ S.H.E.

Hebe Tian has been in the music industry for almost 10 years and released 12 albums in total. Until this year, she finally used her Chinese name "Tian Fu Zhen" (田馥甄) to release her first album "To Hebe." However, "Hebe" is more well-known, so some people didn't know who is "Tian Fu Zhen." This name is searched by many people and last night it even became Google's number 1 most searched word.

Hebe's first album is set to release in September 3 and recently she filmed MV for her first single "LOVE!" Director found various animals including rabbit, chicken, duck, horse, pigeon, etc to express the idea of love. The most surprising thing is Hebe wasn't afraid of a big horse but was afraid of a little bird. She explained because bird's eyes are small and its mouth and claws are very sharp, making it look scary. This MV will premier in August 12 (which is today!).

Source: China Times; NowNews / Translation: KAY @


i think there is a mistake in the article: its not 90 minutes but 90 seconds!

i love hebe and i will buy her album. the music video is so beautiful

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