Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jolin Tsai Blurs Out Private Part in MV, Copying Others?

In her new song MV "Love Player" (玩愛之徒), Jolin Tsai blurred out her private parts while taking a bath. Some netizens praised it's sexy but some criticized it's like a category III film that would teach bad things to children. Some netizens even dislike how she delayed the release of her new album three times and they edited "Love Player" to "Money Deceiver": "Actually need to win attention by exposing my top, really is shallow. I need to face it seriously...can't treat others halfheartedly and trick them. Album keeps delaying, who wants to spend money."

Netizens said Jolin's bath scene in her MV copied Kidneythieve's "Zerospace" and Britney Spears' "Everytime." After Jolin released her new album, she was said copying Elva Hsiao's MV, Amit's look, Japanese group Perfume's dance, and Joey Yung's look in "Joey Ten." As for all these, Warner music said: "Won't reply."

Jolin Tsai took inspirations from Joey Yung's look?
"Love Player" MV

"Zerospace" MV

Source: China Times; NowNews / Translation: KAY @


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