Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moses Chan is in a Stable Relationship With Bernice Liu

Moses Chan attended to a 3D TV press conference as guest yesterday. He frankly said he likes to follow technology. Asked whether his relationship with rumor girlfriend Bernice Liu is stable, that's why he focuses in following technology and doesn't need to pursue girls? He joked: "I only have a stable television!"

Talked about "Can't Buy My Love" is to premier soon, Moses expressed he is not afraid to rumor with Charmaine Sheh: "I cleared up many times, so no need to worry. Everyone is doubting me?" Reporters joked the one who is doubting is Bernice, Moses said: "I believe viewers know what kind of person I am, can't trick everyone." Ensuring Bernice? "No, I just want to put a period on my rumor with Charmaine."


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