Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bernice Liu's Hollywood Dream Falls Apart

Always wanted to break into Hollywood, Bernice Liu collaborated with Maggie Q last year in movie "The King of Fighting," which is edited from a famous Japanese fighting game with the same name. The movie is done filming last November but it hasn't been released in theaters.

According to IMDB, this movie is arranged to release this year in North America. However, reporters found the movie is already released in DVD and blue ray and being sold on Amazon; netizens can even download it with torrent. It seems this movie would not make its way to the theaters.

Reporters contacted Bernice yesterday and she said: "From what I know, DVD release is not officially released but there are illegal copies in many places.The movie is premiered in Singapore in August 26. They once asked me whether I can go to America to promote, but I can't because I have to film new series. I heard in North America it would premier in October!" However, Bernice frankly admitted she still hasn't been officially notified, whether she feels it's a pity? She said: "Maybe because there are illegal copies. As an actress, I can't control the premier date. I can only control how to play the character well."

Although "KOF" might not premier in North America, but it's known it has a chance in premiering in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan etc.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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