Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SETTV Has Trouble Finding Leads in Its New Drama

Since Ethan Ruan is not starring in idol dramas anymore, SETTV has trouble figuring out the male lead in upcoming idol drama. Even the drama replacing "Zhong Wu Yen"---"X Channel" is originally set to be Show Luo or Mike He. In the end, both of them rejected and now Joe Cheng is taking over. SETTV also have trouble finding female leads. It was rumored because Sonia Sui openly supports boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao (from FTV), Amber Kuo replaced her in a new drama.

SETTV originally wanted to pair up Sonia and James Wen again in new drama "X Channel." But rumors said because she is supporting boyfriend openly, which means she is indirectly promoting boyfriend's drama "Rookie's Diary" in FTV. Ratings of "Rookie's Diary" even beat SETTV's "Ni Yada." Also, the Sonia-James pairing is said not new enough.

As for Show, he once decided to leave GTV and go to SETTV but GTV successfully kept him by promising creating a new drama just for him. As for Mike, it's known he required that he can't work more than 12 hours, plus his schedule is all full, making his deal with SETTV failed.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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