Saturday, November 20, 2010

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade Episode 1 Recap

They are back for the Anniversary month!

Liza Wang, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam teamed up together again to bring more fun to us audience. The show is mainly playing with this year's TVB series and has the following segments: My MV, "Every Move You Make" spin off, series (the Gods recreate significant scenes from TVB's series), entertainment news report, interview with artistes (a mix of "Sat in the City" and "Big Boys Club"), and special MV (with the 3 Gods).

They made four special episodes for TVB's 43rd Anniversary and the the first two are aired last week and today. Missed the grand premier of Episode 1? Take a look at the following recap!

My MV: Louis Yuen plays with the ending theme MV of sitcom "Some Day." Then Wong Cho Lam dresses up as a woman and sang the theme song of anniversary series "Gem of Life" (P.S: he didn't shave his armpit XD)

Series: In this episode, the Gods play different characters in this year's anniversary series "No Regrets." In the first segment, Wong Cho Lam plays "Pork Rib Boy" Pierre Ngo in the scene where the gang is looking for him. Great editing indeed! It's intense and funny at the same time (if you get the jokes he's talking about).

"Every Move You Make" Spin Off: Each God plays the role of Yiu Sir (Bowie Lam) in "Every Move You Make" and questions different characters/objects. In this episode, Wong Cho Lam is a hot-pot item of Eric Tsang and he accuses Eric of making him over-cooked.

Series: In the second segment, Johnson Lee plays "Gwan Yeh" (Sheren Tang's dad in "No Regrets"). The scene is about the family voting in early episodes of "No Regrets."

Series: In the last segment, Louis Yuen plays the notable villain in "No Regrets"---Leung Fay Fan (Evergreen Mak). The scene is when Wayne Lai leads his police mates into Leung's house to capture Leung. They pretty much related TVB Anniversary into these stories LOL. Very funny indeed! A Bird, B Bird, C Bird, Gong Bird XD

Big Girls Club: Handlababy, Big Ex, and Hungry return with Liza Wang to create interview show "Big Girls Club." They interviewed TV King favorites of this year Wayne Lai and Moses Chan.


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